Psychotherapy & Counselling in Nottingham

Are you looking for a counsellor in Nottingham?

Using a blend of therapies – psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, counselling & personal development coaching – I’m here to bring hope and to help with issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions, phobias, finding your passion and improving your relationships and health.

My ‘coaching cabin’ is in Radcliffe on Trent near Nottingham, but I also offer online sessions if you are not local.

I am based in Nottingham & offer psychotherapy, counselling & personal development coaching services.

I work in a very different way from other therapists.

I focus my attention on what is right with you rather than what is wrong and in doing so I help to bring happiness and hope back to your life.

How long have you been looking for the right counsellor or psychotherapist in Nottingham? I know that my unique blend of therapies and my holistic approach means that I can help you achieve mental fitness, emotional health, and personal growth.

Seeking coaching or counselling does not mean you are ‘broken’ or ‘ill’, it’s a sign that you want to reach your potential, be awake for life and live it to it fullest.

Read more about the individual therapies I practice, or contact me to arrange an initial chat or to book a session in my Nottingham ‘coaching cabin’!

We are all a work in progress, and have an innate potential to grow, blossom, and learn to live life in colour!

Lynne Walder

This is my ‘Coaching Cabin’ in my garden in Nottingham.

It is a warm, inviting, comfortable, calm space.

I also offer on-line counselling & coaching sessions via Skype or Zoom, for clients who are not in Nottingham, or who would prefer to enjoy the sessions from their own home or workplace.

My cabin – which is in Radcliffe on Trent near Nottingham – is wheelchair accessible and there is plenty of free parking nearby.

I encourage a 30 minute complimentary call, without obligation, so that you can decide whether I might be the right coach/therapist for you before you book a session.

“I’d been looking for a counsellor in Nottingham for some time…

when I found Lynne. Her different counselling & therapy skills meant that she was able to help me work through my problems really effectively. Lynne is really easy to talk to and was enjoyable to work with.”