“It was a great relief to meet Lynne at one of the most difficult times in my life. Unlike other counsellors or therapists, Lynne always made me welcomed, respected and heard. She really cared about helping me and would check up and send me helpful tips/info outside sessions. I am extremely grateful for her kindness and support.

Lynne is insightful, real and incredibly good at what she does. She has the gift of being able to gently challenge you to face those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that you don’t want to face. From our sessions, I was able to break free of those negative thoughts and feelings and see those emotions for what they were – messages telling me important information that I needed to listen in order to make positive changes in my life. I would recommend her to anyone interested who is interested in personal development.”

Maysie Chan

I came to see Lynne for coaching as I was hitting a wall with my business, which was also affecting how I am as a person. From my first conversation with Lynne on the phone, I knew I had found the right coach.  It was so reassuring to hear how much she understood right from the beginning.  I made it very clear how much I wanted to develop, and that I would need a strong coach to push me when needed, as well as to just listen, and help me sort out the jigsaw in my head.

Lynne has one of the most intuitive styles of coaching I have seen. She is unique in also being qualified as a psychotherapist as well as a coach, and has such a variety of tools to help at just the right time. She doesn’t let you off the hook and helped me explore areas I didn’t think I would go.  It’s like a great massage where you didn’t realise you had muscle tension in that area, but were so glad the therapist knew where to work.

Lynne is a rare find in Auckland; with her experience in the UK and now in New Zealand, I believe she offers one of the most progressive, insightful and life-changing opportunities anyone will have available to them.

Joseph Quinn- Corporate Trainer and NLP practitioner

Thank you Lynne, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I found you very easy to talk to, and always felt valued and respected. I really appreciated how closely you listened to what I said (and what I didn’t say), and that when I got a bit confused or unsure in my thinking, you were right there getting me back on track. I had confidence that you had things under control and I didn’t have to work too hard to remember things or work things out for myself.

I’ve never been to a Life Coach before, and I thought it was probably a pretty ‘flaky’ kind of thing to do. How wrong I was. It’s a very practical thing to do when you want life to be the best it can be.

As a single person, especially, I need someone to confide in who has the background knowledge and insights that you have, and who I trust.


I would like to thank you for this amazing transformation that I was able to achieve with your coaching and support. After years of personal development I had no idea that working with you would be such a breakthrough. I thought I knew it all and you allowed me to see myself like in a mirror. I have achieved in 6 months with you what would have taken me 10 years on my own. You have adapted your style to my strong personality. It was such a pleasure working with you and I am now strong and ready to start a new chapter in my life (feels like a new book to be honest). I also feel reassured that I know you are always there in case I need it. Thank you so much x


Lynne started working with me during the most difficult part of my life.  I was going through a divorce, financial pressure, 2 high court cases and I was moving house.   To make matters worse I was no longer living with my kids and wife and felt very lonely and isolated.

She was referred to me by my previous life coach who felt given the magnitude of the situation Lynne would be best to deal what all that was going on.   Lynne was able to look at my situation and break in down is workable chunks for me to cope with.  She was able to get me to explain how I was feeling about all of the parts of my life that felt out of control and stressful.

From that point was able to look at the whole situation as workable parts, and we started work on getting a solution and resolution for each of part of my life. This gave me a feeling of being in control again, and as I did so the overwhelm subsided. I started focussing on what I wanted to achieve and get resolved. This process is ongoing but I can say that the divorce, financial pressure and high court cases are all resolved.

My life is as good as I can remember it being.  I have a wonderful girlfriend, I am close to financial freedom and a great relationship with my ex-wife and kids.  This has all happened in a little over a year and I am eternal grateful to my life coach for the introduction to Lynne.


Lynne is extremely creative in her coaching approach and colourful in her presentation, which makes her fun to work with. She is gifted at ‘reading between the lines’ which creates focus. Her own life experience has resulted in her being very compassionate and non-judgemental of others, and her curiosity and love of people is clear to see. As an individual she demonstrates an absolute passion for people development, and empowers others to enhance their lives and bring more richness to it. Her ability to motivate the most resistant of individuals is one of her many strengths.

Lynne is warm, friendly and easy to approach person, who is so passionate about the work she does with others that is heartfelt.

Namrata Gulani-Therapist