Change your mind about yourself

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching

Break free from your past and take control of your future

Using a unique blend of therapies, I’m here to bring you hope and to help with many issues – from depression, anxiety, addictions and phobias, to finding your passion and improving your relationships and health.

I offer online and in-person counselling sessions from my ‘Coaching Cabin’ in Radcliffe on Trent near Nottingham.

Please note: I am adhering to BACP guidelines regarding face to face therapy, and I’m only offering on-line sessions until the ‘tier’ situation changes.

Welcome, I’m Lynne

I am a Psychotherapist, Personal Development Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, but I work in a very different way from other therapists – I throw traditional coaching methods in the trash!

I want to bring hope and happiness to your life by focusing my attention, not on what is wrong with you, but on what is right with you.

Seeking coaching or counselling does not mean you are ‘broken’ or ‘ill’, it means you want to realise your full potential, live life to its limits, and be awake for it.

I work with clients – both children and adults – to eliminate anxiety, depression and stress.

My aim is to achieve mental fitness, emotional health, and personal growth in my clients.

Read more about the individual therapies I practice, or contact me to arrange an initial chat or to book a session.

We are all a work in progress, and have an innate potential to grow, blossom, and learn to live life in colour!

Lynne Walder

Solve problems

that feel unsolvable

Freedom from

depression, anxiety, stress, addictions

Close the gap

between who you ‘think’ you are and who you ‘feel’ you are

It was a great relief to meet Lynne…

… at one of the most difficult times in my life. Unlike other counsellors or therapists, Lynne always made me welcomed, respected and heard. She really cared about helping me and would check up and send me helpful tips/info outside sessions. I am extremely grateful for her kindness and support.

Maysie Chan

I would like to thank you…

…for the amazing transformation I was able to achieve with your coaching and support. After years of personal development I had no idea that working with you would be such a breakthrough. I thought I knew it all and you allowed me to see myself like in a mirror. I have achieved in 6 months with you what would have taken me 10 years on my own. You have adapted your style to my strong personality. It was such a pleasure working with you and I am now strong and ready to start a new chapter in my life (feels like a new book to be honest). I also feel reassured that I know you are always there in case I need it. Thank you so much x


I came to see Lynne for coaching as I was hitting a wall with my business…

…which was also affecting how I am as a person. From my first conversation with Lynne on the phone, I knew I had found the right coach.  It was so reassuring to hear how much she understood right from the beginning.  I made it very clear how much I wanted to develop, and that I would need a strong coach to push me when needed, as well as to just listen, and help me sort out the jigsaw in my head.

Joseph Quinn- Corporate Trainer and NLP practitioner

Lynne started working with me during the most difficult part of my life…

…I was going through a divorce, financial pressure, 2 high court cases and I was moving house.   To make matters worse I was no longer living with my kids and wife and felt very lonely and isolated.  She was referred to me by my previous life coach who felt given the magnitude of the situation Lynne would be best to deal what all that was going on.   Lynne was able to look at my situation and break in down is workable chunks for me to cope with.  She was able to get me to explain how I was feeling about all of the parts of my life that felt out of control and stressful.

Will -Entrepreneur

Thank you Lynne, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you…

…I found you very easy to talk to, and always felt valued and respected. I really appreciated how closely you listened to what I said (and what I didn’t say), and that when I got a bit confused or unsure in my thinking, you were right there getting me back on track. I had confidence that you had things under control and I didn’t have to work too hard to remember things or work things out for myself.


Do any of these look familiar?

depression- pnd, bi-polar, mental health


panic attack & phobias

feeling stuck

trauma & ptsd

feeling lost

identity-who am I?

anger-emotional regulation

eating disorders-emotional eating

alcohol abuse

feeling trapped

addictions-drug dependency-compulsive behaviours